two types of printers for two specific uses

We have two types of 3D printer to produce your models. The Solidscape printer makes waxes for metal casting, and the 3D Systems printer makes plastic prototypes for tryouts and demonstrations.


high precision waxes

Our Solidscape printers print layers of 25.4 micron in thickness  and work with a combination of construction and support wax. The second is dissolved upon dewaxing to allow the creation of ready-to-cast high-resolution models without having to remove printing supports manually.

We use Solidscape printers to materialize the designs we make on site, but also to print models that you have designed yourself. Send us your .STL by email for an estimate. The wax used is specially created to disappear completely in the casting process and thus produces excellent casting results.


ideal for fittings with clients

Our ProJet® 1200 printer uses UV-cured polymer to create manipulable prototypes. These pieces are ideal for fittings with clients and for understanding the proportions of the design. Usually we include a drawn version of the stones in these models to really give a good idea of ​​the end result. This machine prints layers of 30 micron in thickness with an image resolution of 585 dpi to create lifelike models.