designed by you
or by us

We have two types of printer to produce your 3D prints.

We do 3D printing 3D design bespoke jewelry


create your own
custom jewel

We start from your ideas and add our expertise to make tailor-made parts that will not go unnoticed. Because making jewelry is our passion!

Our strength lies in a personalized creation made by a small attentive team that exceeds the expectations of each of our customers.


what we do

We use software specialized in precision 3D drawing to go from an idea to an efficient and harmonious design with all the technical characteristics necessary to create a jewel built with all the proper rules. To showcase the concepts, we can create realistic images of the models, called renderings, to preview the final result of the jewelry.

From models drawn by you or by us, we 3D print waxes with a very high level of detail using our Solidscape printers for use in lost wax casting in the desired metal. In addition, with our 3D Systems printer, we can print plastic prototypes for tryouts and demonstrations.

To make a tailor-made creation, we listen to your ideas and we advise you to make a jewel according to your desires that corresponds to your lifestyle. The possibilities are limitless!


who we are

Based in Montreal, our family business founded in 2005 by Dominick Gervais, an experienced jeweler, specializes in bespoke jewelry designed by computer and 3D printing. We have almost 40 years of experience in the field of high-end jewelry. This expertise allows us to meet the needs of our customers in terms of quality and sustainability.

our promise

Our mission is to design and manufacture high quality fine jewelry pieces that reflect your image and meet your needs. To do this, we maintain a relationship of trust with our customers based on listening and efficiency and we put our expertise at your disposal.


where we come from and where we are going

Dominick Gervais founded imagine 3D in 2005 at the start of the popularity of 3D printing waxes for jewelry. He was a pioneer for this method in the jewelry field of Montreal. With decades of manual experience and workshop leadership in high-end jewelry making, he was able to transpose his valuable knowledge and learn 3D drawing intelligently, because he knew why every shape and detail was in its place.

Since that day, established in his office at 620 rue Cathcart, the jewelry center in Montreal, he has led his business with kindness and a constant desire to offer a higher level of quality to all his customers. He is a generous man who never hesitates to share his knowledge and help anyone who asks him. He continually strives to maintain pleasant and fair relationships with all his employees and subcontractors to promote enriching exchanges for all.

A few years later, his two daughters Ariane and Laurie, will join him to continue this adventure as a family. Together, they form a solid team with the strength of experience and the energy of youth and they continue to create unique models always with such a high standard of quality for their customers.

A company is like a garden, you have to make sure you water all the plants well to have beautiful flowers.