we remember each one

Find here some of our tailor-made jewelry creations that have already found their forever home. Please feel free to use them for inspiration for your own piece of jewelry, but we will make sure you have permission from the original owner before reproducing them. For more information on one of the models, contact us by mentioning the name that appears when hovering over the image.


Diamond shaped ring

14K yellow gold
Set with colored sapphires


Rope shank ring

18K yellow gold
Set with a 4.74 carat peridot


Floating center ring

19K white gold
Set with an 18 point diamond


Cage ring

10K yellow gold with a 5.95 carat hessonite garnet


Petals solitaire ring

10K yellow gold
Set with a 3.5 carat Prasiolite

Multicolored cocktail ring

19K white gold
Set with a variety of colored stones

Triple eternity band

18K yellow gold
Set with colored sapphires


Trillion ring

19K white gold and platinum
Set with a 5.44 carat topaz
and diamonds

realisation-jonc-eternite-alterne-saphirs et diamantsimagine-3d-montreal

Alternating eternity band

19K white gold
Set with colored sapphires
and diamonds