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Wax printing

We print waxes in a materiel suitable for lost wax casting

We have two types of printers to meet the needs of our customers

Our Solidscape® printers print layers of 25.4 microns in thickness and work with a combination of construction wax and support wax. The second is dissolved at the time of de-waxing to help create clean high-resolution models without manual support removal. We use Solidscape® printers to materialize the designs we do locally, but also to print the pieces you have designed yourself. Send us your .STL or .OBJ file by email for a quote. The wax used is specially created to complement lost wax casting process and thus produces excellent casting results.

Our printer ProJet® 1200 uses a polymer cured by UV light to create manipulable prototypes. These parts are ideal for fittings with customers and understanding the proportions of the design. This machine prints layers of 30 microns thick with a picture resolution of 585 dpi to create realistic models.

We print your waxes

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