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Jewellry workmanship

Serving the entire Montréal area, Imagine 3D can handle all your jewellry projects, paying close attention to workmanship. Our services are available to individual customers and well as jewellers.

Professional models, exceptional workmanship

Imagine 3D can put the finishing touches on any jewellry project. Our work process involves using specialized computer software to design 3D models, and cutting-edge printers to produce corresponding 3D renderings. The Solidscape printer allows us to bring your jewellry projects to life. After years of industry experience, we know the requirements for any piece of jewellry and maintain one goal:

to exceed your expectations. Whether you are designing a necklace or a ring, we apply all our skills and expertise to ensure your satisfaction.

Three professionals focussed on high-quality workmanship

Imagine 3D guarantees high-quality jewellry workmanship. For more than 15 years, we have developed an expertise as 3D model and printing specialists. Furthermore, as jewellry industry professionals, we guarantee that your project will be in good hands and that you can trust us to bring your design ideas to life. Our high resolution ProJet 1200 printer is at the core of our quality service, offering quick and accurate renderings.

The ProJet 1200 can print layers that are 30 microns in thickness.

Reliable and effective tools for guaranteeing quality workmanship

Montreal finished jewelery
finished jewelery

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